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Snake wing is a free online multiplayer game in which you control a small snake. incandescent lamp The more you eat, the bigger you grow. The goal is to grow big without hitting any other snake. Unlike the beginning of the mobile phone games snake, the higher, the easier the game because it is easier to destroy the snake.

Collect all glowing balls and a sleeve tumbuhdalam

Fast respawn time deSpel verslavendder helped them quickly’re a little duzulakoaurkiBecause the right to die in the game again.

You start with a very small snake, as no more than a maggot. Incandescent bulbs is to create a circle around the map. According to these tasks to move your snake. lainpemogokan snake you are destroyed. When the snake destroy them with more energy than incandescent bulbs, and the only way in which your snake destroyed worden.De larger for you to eat, inventing geroZure snake head of a snake. If you touch the other person, thenIt’s a part of you, then they are destroyed.

Many snake slipped paid to avoid the snake while eating dumplings. If you want to eat the remains of a snake that if lainnyaHancurkan and higher, you need to go beyond the tactical ploy. Or, you can just wait until they hit another snake unexpectedly.

A snake, and also destroy the healthful hunenergie

There are many tactics you can use to destroy the snake etaErrazagoa you is greater because the body becomes more successa. If you are a big snake, you can wrap your body to another tube and twist until they touch your body (like anywhere else). If you are destroyed, and there are many games that you can react to a small hose. Slang Slang The more aggressive you are, the higher deKansen getting the best way to stay alive is to completely avoid damaging the blades.

grafikoanahiko easily, tetapiPermainan internet bandwidth and CPU (Central Processing Unit) is used a lot, so,It is a relatively modern computer, you have to play. There is an opportunity to reduce the graphics in the game, is if you have a less powerful computers.

There are two different versions of the game and draw it seems you are using a device / computer-linked type. It is a powerful machine, which can have a second interval bermainversi jadaeta thick. If you have a less powerful engine, you will see fewer players in the game and your snake longer, but you will not be fat. As a snake fat, developersA way to level the playing field. Once and fatter pipes are easily kill others, but not the head of the fat, far more difficult to navigate.


itupermainan simple but very addictive, every game is somewhat different, especially because sometimes you have to play araberabeste. You can not play in a friendly match and once you wear it in a game of chance. The game uses the Internet, and your CPU power is quite heavy, which means that many people experiencelag or stuttering, to break the game if it happens too often. The colorful game, simple format immediately, and the mechanics of the game is very simple to make. itukesenangan usually selfish, how you araberajolasteko. You can be a dangerous game to play and chase other players, or you can prevent other people and concentrate on growing – the choice is yours.

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