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MAGIX Video Editing Pro X software is a simple and effective excellent video production. This video-on-demand goal is unique to ambitious and professional users and offers a superb level of effective productivity and productivity.

Edit video professionally

Options for access to solving detail, exceptional performance and cinematic effects on top quality picture and sound.

Video production

IzbiramOt a wide range of tools to facilitate the GPU filmIs the best video effect, precision and fix it on the edges.

Sound assembly

Audio mixer, real-time tracking of employees and important editorial changes, and sound effects of radiation quality for the need for sound optimization.


Features such as access to allSerial view plug-in NewBlue that includes striking colors and temporary filter effects or PRODAD Mercalli V2 for perfektnoStabilizirane images.

The most important features:

– maintenanceProfessional (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Agent solve a great solution for efficient video4K

– 3 way primary and secondary color correction

– Edit Multicam nine songs at a time

– support wide operating camera

– transmission of surround sound editing quality

– HD and UHD decoding equipment (,)

– NewBlueView: The highest quality color filters for movie memorabilia


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  • MAGIX Video Pro X8 download

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